Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Smiths Bought A Farm

I don't share a lot of my personal life on this blog, but my family is in the midst of a pretty huge change and I want to share our journey with you all. When I first started telling people that we are buying a farm, I was expecting mixed reactions. However, the opposite happened: everyone has been supportive, excited, and genuinely interested in hearing more, so I will start at the beginning and fill y'all in on our fun new journey...

When Jason and I were married 5 years ago we went into our marriage in a pretty great place. We were (and still are) a perfect match in almost every way, but there was ONE thing that we definitely didn't agree on, and that was where we would raise our family. He grew up in the country, spending his days exploring the land and helping with the animals. I grew up in Littleton and thought that animals were stinky, gross and kind of scary, haha. This was one of those things that I knew we would work out, but I honestly thought that it would end with Jason realizing that Littleton is an awesome place for our family to live! For the past 5 years, we lived happily in our little brick house in Littleton. We went from a newly married couple to a family of 5 in this house and it was a great place for us during that time!  Up until last spring I 100% believed that I had changed his mind and that he would always be happy living in the suburbs with me.

Then my heart changed and I knew that Jason was right--our family wasn't supposed to be in the suburbs anymore and it was time to figure out what that meant. In May of 2014 we loaded up the girls and drove over 3500 miles through 10 states in 12 days in search of our new home. We were positive that we were supposed to be in the southeast US and had narrowed our search to North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. We saw so much beauty and fell in love with so many places, but we never felt a peace about any of them. It was really strange because we had spent months researching homes and areas and felt positive that we were supposed to be there, and then when we actually got there our dream fell apart.

Now the cool part: even though our trip didn't end the way that we thought it would, God used that time to show us that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. We took the scenic way back through Colorado on the last day of our vacation, and while driving through Elbert county we both knew that we were home. It wasn't going to be a stately southern mansion on lush green acres like we had dreamed of (isn't that everyone's dream??) ;-) but it would be perfect for our family. We started our search again, but this time in the Elizabeth, Colorado area and in February we found it! We walked through the front door of our new house and we both instantly knew that we had found our place in the world. The house actually reminds me the ones in my parent's neighborhood in Littleton which immediately added a level of comfort for me, and it sits on 40 acres of land with incredible views of Pike's Peak and hilly countryside.

What is next? We we moved two weeks ago and we have big plans for our "farm." I say that because it really isn't a farm yet--its a house on a big piece of land, but there aren't any animals or crops yet. We want to start a vegetable garden, get some animals, and become more self-sufficient eventually, but it will take time. My hope is that I will be able to share our progress as we transition into this new way of life. I want to share our struggles and triumphs and let you all watch as this city-dweller transforms into a vegetable-planting, animal-loving, country mom and wife. ;-)

I haven't broken out the real camera yet so the quality of these is terrible, but here are a few cell phone photos that I've taken since we've been here. This first photo was taken from the kitchen sink--the view makes doing the dishes not quite so painful. ;-)

The views of Pikes Peak are incredible! I included a shot through the porch for perspective. Things have also greened up quite a bit since I took these.