Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life on the Farm: The Third Month

As I was in town with my girls the other day it hit me just how much has changed in such a short time. Before the move I could be found in the aisles of Costco multiple times each week. Grocery shopping was completely un-organized and consisted of small trips to the store almost every day to get whatever we needed for dinner that night. Speaking of dinner--we ate a lot of Chipotle. I'll admit that.

Country living is a completely different world: its almost like stepping back to a simpler time. Things are more meaningful. More intentional (more on that soon!) And our food is only a small part of that. Grocery shopping now is a once a week event--I plan our meals, make lists, and get it all of the weekly shopping done at the same time. We eat all of our meals at home now, and hopefully we will be a lot more self sufficient once we get some crops planted and welcome some chickens and goats into the family!

We have had a lot of people ask why we would want to live so far from town, and don't we hate the drive? The short answer is: because its awesome, and NO. The drive felt long at first, but you get used to it quickly, and it is gorgeous and relaxing until Castle Rock, so its nothing like being in city traffic. I lived in Littleton for 32 years, and it only took living in Kiowa for 3 months to make me feel claustrophobic in town.

Okay, enough about driving and grocery shopping--lets talk about the fun things that have happened this month!

~Jason got a tractor! And not just any old tractor--this one belonged to my grandpa and has been out on the family farm for decades. It needs a little love, but it runs and my husband is in tractor-fixing heaven. <3

 ~We got a play set! One of the things that we promised the girls when we moved here was a "park" in our yard since we are so far away from any real parks. We just made good on that promise and now we have 3 happy (and very tired!) little girls. :-)


~Lots of this...

~We hosted what will now be an annual Smith Farm camping trip! We had a party to give our extended family an excuse to come see our new home, and since we didn't want people driving back home late at night we invited everyone to camp after the party. It turned into an amazing time--we had 6 RV's and over 20 people camp in our front yard! We had a campfire, tons of amazing food, and at the end of the night I got to sleep in my own bed. :-D