Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life on the Farm: Carnivals & Twisters

I know that a lot happened here on the Smith Farm during the past month, but quite honestly my mind is drawing a blank at the moment, so I'll remember what I can and try to make next month's post more interesting!

The biggest event of the past month was DEFINITELY the Elbert County Fair! The girls were SO excited to go on rides and turn their faces blue with cotton candy! Oh, and Ainsley dressed herself in a princess nightgown and about 25 bowes in her hair, haha. In a community filled with farmers she definitely stood out! ;-)

 In addition to the fair, we also flew some kites...

 ...and picked some flowers...
 ...and chased toddler curls around the fields...
 ...and made beautiful sister memories. <3

And just last week we saw our first TORNADO on the farm! I only had time to grab a quick cell phone photo before heading to the basement with the kiddos (the sky was teal and spinning over our house, so as much as I wanted to take "real" photos of my first tornado I had to keep the girls safe.)