Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jumping Back In: Kiowa Colorado Portrait Photographer

I want to throw this out there before I even begin: I hate writing business blog posts, but I have had a few people ask what in the world my plan for LSP is moving forward, so here it is. ☺️

When we moved to the farm in early 2015 I had no intentions of changing anything. My plan was to continue photographing weddings and a handful of other sessions each year (primarily in the Denver area) and just commute a little farther, but when I became pregnant at the end of 2015 everything changed. I was so sick that I didn't work very much during my pregnancy, but I anticipated wanting to jump back in soon after the baby was born. As you can probably guess...that didn't happen. 😜

Something changed in me as soon as Bennett was born, and I had absolutely no desire to photograph anything other than his beautiful face, haha. Maybe it was the fact that we suddenly had 4 kids and were completely overwhelmed and outnumbered? Maybe it was all of the other changes that went along with living in a new area? I honestly can't say, but my drive for photography was gone and wedding photography suddenly felt like a thing of the past for me. I went through a photographer-identity-crisis for a while, trying to decide if I should call it quits or just wait and see if my passion would eventually come back, but I had put so much of myself into photographing weddings that it seemed uncomfortable to let that go without feeling like a failure.

Last fall I ended up photographing several sessions here on the farm and it sparked something new and creative in me--I absolutely loved it! Those sessions ended up being some of my all-time favorites and I suddenly began to imagine a future of photographing families, seniors, and portraits here in the country.

At this point in my life with 4 little kids, portrait photography makes so much more sense and feels so much less overwhelming than weddings. I won't close the door on weddings completely because you never know what tomorrow will bring, but as of today I am so excited to pursue portraits out here in the country! (Side note: please don't hesitate to reach out if you are looking for a wedding photographer--even if I can't do it myself, I can definitely help you find some other fantastic options!)

(Photo of one of our pony friends here on the farm to get you excited!) 😉

So there you have it! I am currently scheduling sessions for the rest of summer and fall, and I can't wait to jump back in! I will be taking family sessions, seniors, child portraits, head shots, and in-home newborn sessions (if you are looking for something else--shoot me an email and let's talk!) I will be doing the majority of these here in Elbert County, but I am also open to traveling to the Denver Metro area or Colorado Springs. At the risk of sounding "salesy" I will mention that my October is almost completely booked with school portraits already, so if you are hoping for fall family portraits please let me know so I can get you on my schedule! (Email me here: I have 4 kids, so email is by far the easiest (and quietest!) way to communicate. 😉

As a small business, word of mouth is invaluable to me, so as always, if you know of someone who may be looking for a photographer I am beyond thankful for your referrals! ❤️